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CAMICO – Professional Liability Insurance and Risk Management Services (For CPAs in Public Practice)
Complete the form on the right and download Cybersecurity Best Practices for CPA Firms: Essential loss prevention advice to help protect your business – Provided by the experts at CAMICO. (If you are a CAMICO policyholder, please visit the CAMICO Members-Only Site to access these and many more resources)
What You Will Receive:

1.  Cybersecurity Checklist: A checklist to help you
determine if you’re putting confidential client information
at risk, and putting yourself at the mercy of hackers.

2. Don't Become a Cyber Statistic:
A missing laptop or USB (thumb) drive with unencrypted confidential data can give rise to potential date breaches,
which can be expensive for firms. Follow these six loss prevention tips for better cyber security.

3. Have You Taken Steps to Secure Your Data?
Specific and effective risk management steps your firm
can take to reduce your exposures.

4. Our Data Has Been Breached! What Do We Do Now? Four critical steps to take in the event of a data breach, together with loss prevention advice.

5. Ransomware and Cyber Risk Management: Precautionary measures to help prevent the expensive risk exposures from ransomware and cyber extortion.

6. CAMICO Cyber Claims Lessons: CAMICO shares its findings in short summaries of the latest cyber claims trends, red flags and loss prevention tips.

7. Three Biggest Reasons Accountants Need Cyber Coverage and Professional Liability Insurance: Handling confidential client information means that CPAs need to take steps to secure their clients’ data. If something goes wrong, accountants should be insured for expenses and damages from the data breach. Here are three reasons why.

CAMICO Professional Liability Insurance Program Benefits and Savings:
Eligible for premium credits as a new policyholder
50% reduction in deductible (up to $50,000) for early reporting of a potential claim during the policy period in which it becomes known, or use of formal mediation to attempt to resolve a claim.
Innovative coverages such as cyber and continuity
  of coverage for potential claims
No-cost subpoena, potential claims, and claims guidance
Free engagement/disengagement letter reviews
Free in-firm and online educational opportunities
Free access to 90+ sample letter templates, 250+
  risk management articles and war stories
Free unlimited access to in-house CPAs and other
  experts via Advice Hotlines
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