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Download CAMICO Post-Tax Season Resources
CAMICO – Professional Liability Insurance and Risk Management Services (For CPAs in Public Practice)
Download 10 Complimentary CAMICO Resources by completing the form on the right. CAMICO has developed this list of post-tax season resources, which includes helpful risk management articles, tips and sample letter templates. (If you are a CAMICO policyholder, please visit the CAMICO Members-Only Site to acces these and many more resources)
What You Will Receive:

1.  Post-Tax Season a Good Time to Re-evaluate Clients: Some reasons why it may be time to disengage from certain clients.

2. The What, When and How of Disengagement:
How to disengage and leave your client feeling that you have acted in the best interests of both parties.

3. Sample Client Screening Checklist (Individual):
Assess prospective clients and gather information.

4. Protect Your Business with Better Billing and Collection Practices: Avoid or manage most billing and collection problems; what should be included in your engagement letters.

5. Collection Strategies: Problems collecting fees?
Consider sending a series of letters requesting payment; includes tips on what each letter should state.

6. Five Things to Look for in a CPA Insurance Provider: Here are some tips CPAs can use when making a decision.

Sample Disengagement Letters to address the following scenarios

7. Late Payment/Withheld Information: Your firm
needs to disengage due to unpaid fees and incomplete information received.

8. Deteriorating Relationship with Client: Your firm needs to disengage due to a difference of opinion regarding services performed.

9. Changes in Your Firm: Your firm is changing direction
or is no longer able to support certain services.

10. Potential Conflicts of Interest: Addresses potential conflict of interest as the reason why your firm cannot continue to render services to the client.  

CAMICO Professional Liability Insurance Program Benefits and Savings:
Eligible for premium credits as a new policyholder
50% reduction in deductible (up to $50,000) for early reporting of a potential claim during the policy period in which it becomes known, or use of formal mediation to attempt to resolve a claim.
Innovative coverages such as cyber and continuity
  of coverage for potential claims
No-cost subpoena, potential claims, and claims guidance
Free engagement/disengagement letter reviews
Free in-firm and online educational opportunities
Free unlimited access to in-house CPAs and other
  experts via Advice Hotlines
Download Your CAMICO Resources, Receive More Information and a Non-Binding Premium Estimate from CAMICO. 
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