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Complimentary CPA Engagement Letters from CAMICO
CAMICO Professional Liability Insurance and Risk Management Services (for CPAs in Public Practice)

CAMICO has seen that engagement letters help improve CPA-client communications, document your engagements more effectively, and protect you from future litigation. Whether it's a new engagement, repeat engagement, or, especially, a changed engagement, you need to know what
to say and how to say it correctly.

This Engagement Letters Pack includes sample letters on tax preparation, compilation, preparation services, conflict of interest, and more!

  • Relevant letters have been updated to comply with SSARS No. 23.
  • Letters are updated for the 2017/2018 tax season and include revised language addressing foreign reporting requirements and return due date changes.
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What You Receive:


  1. Compilation
  2. Conflict of Interest 'Informed Consent' (Joint Representation)
  3. Individual Income Tax Preparation (Expanded Version)
  4. Corporate Income Tax Preparation (Expanded Version)
  5. Partnership Income Tax Preparation (Expanded Version)
  6. Full Service Client – Accounting, Preparation, Tax
    and Other
  7. Gift Tax Return Preparation
  8. Non-Profit (Form 990) Return
  9. Preparation of Financial Statements
  10. Preparation of Trust Tax Returns


  1. Engagement Letter Do’s and Don’ts: A well-written letter clearly defines the scope and services of the engagement, as well as the client's responsibilities. Follow these tips from CAMICO when writing your engagement letters.
  2. Documentation, Engagement Letters Key to
    Tax Risk Management: Documentation is critical in any claims situation, and the engagement letter is the first step in addressing that issue
CAMICO Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Program Benefits and Savings:
Eligible for premium credits as a new policyholder
50% reduction in deductible (up to $50,000) for early reporting of a potential claim during the policy period in which it becomes known, or use of formal mediation to attempt to resolve a claim.
Innovative coverages such as 'cyber' and 'continuity
  of coverage for potential claims'
No-cost subpoena, potential claims, and claims guidance
Free engagement/disengagement letter reviews
Free in-firm and online educational opportunities
Free access to 90+ sample letter templates, and 250+
  risk management articles and war stories
Free unlimited access to in-house CPAs and other
  experts via Advice Hotlines
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