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CAMICO Professional Liability Insurance and Risk Management Services (For CPAs in Public Practice)
Engagement letters help improve communication with clients, document engagements, and protect you from litigation. By documenting the understanding between you and the client, you minimize your chances of facing litigation, because the engagement letter leaves little or no room for misunderstanding.


1. Individual Income Tax Preparation Letter (Expanded version)  
2. Corporate Income Tax Preparation Letter (Expanded version)  
3. Article: Five Tips for Protecting Yourself During Tax Season  
4. Article: Five Reasons to Disengage from a Tax Client  
5. Article: Tips for Preventing Phishing Scams and Data Breaches  

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CAMICO Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Program Benefits and Savings:
Continuity of coverage for potential claims
First-party and third-party cyber coverages available
Eligible for premium credits as a new policyholder
Ways to reduce your deductible (50% up to $50,000)
No-cost subpoena, potential claims, and claims guidance
Free engagement/disengagement letter reviews
Free access to 150+ sample CPA letter templates, and 
  250+ risk management articles and war stories
Free, unlimited access to in-house CPAs and other
  experts via Advice Hotlines
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