CPA's Guide to Client Disengagement

Most CPAs will periodically encounter situations and client relationships that call for disengaging. In this short video, Ron Klein, Vice President - Risk Management Counsel offers some advice on what CPAs need to be aware of in terms of disengagement. He discusses how to evaluate the rewards of disengaging versus the professional liability risks, and if the decision to disengage is made, how to do so tactfully and professionally in writing.

FREE Disengagement Checklist – Recognizing the 9 Warning Signs

Disengaging is simply good practice management, and knowing how to do it skillfully will serve to help you grow your practice and avoid liability. This disengagement checklist provides a variety of thought-provoking scenarios that may indicate that trouble is brewing and that it is time to disengage. Also included is risk management advice on how best to proceed in a disengagement situation.

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