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New engagement letter templates to get your firm started in 2013!

  • Includes Clarity Standards' requirements in relevant letters
  • Includes updated letters for the 2012/13 tax year
Note: This is just a small sampling of what CAMICO's Loss Prevention Department provides to our policyholders every year.

Some of CAMICO's EXCLUSIVE policyholder benefits:

Get invaluable insight into risk management by having access to CAMICO's Loss Prevention experts and their years of experience. Receive access to CAMICO's vast knowledge base and library through the exclusive members-only site. Unlimited use of hotlines for advice on a wide variety of practice and risk management areas, including:
    • Client screening
    • Engagement/disengagement letter review
    • Billing
    • Documentation
    • Internal controls
    • Early intervention, evaluation and resolution of potential liability risks
Consider this: The average firm uses CAMICO's exclusive resources 12 times per year. Estimating 12 hours of resources at $220/hour, this can result in $2,400 in saving for your firm.

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